San Clemente Mission Parish

We are

English and Spanish 

Roman Catholic Community

Consecration to Saint Joseph

This year that we celebrate the year of St. Joseph we would like to invite anyone who wants to consecrate themselves to St. Joseph to participate in the upcoming preparation. The sessions will be led by Father Walter at San Clemente Mission and will begin September 30th followed by consecration on the 1st of November at 7:00pm. There will be a fee of $45 which will include a book, candle and Certificate of Consecration. For those interested you must register at the parish office no later than September 15th




Continuamos celebrando el año de San José. Estamos felices por que el primer

grupo ya fue consagrado a Nuestro Señor San José. Ahora seguimos invitando a todos los feligreses que desean unirse a la Preparación del 2° Grupo de Consagrados. La Preparación dará comienzo Septiembre 28 a Octubre 26 y el Día de la Consagración será Noviembre 1 durante la misa de 7:00 pm. Para más información favor de comunicarse con Edith al (661)303-2502 o Mayra al (661) 487-6742.

Announcements / Anuncios

Mass Schedule Changes/ Cambios de horario de misas

Our Priest are making some changes as they see it more convenient to our parishioners for that and other reasons, we are again changing the weekday masses and the weekend masses.

Nuestros sacerdotes están haciendo nuevos cambios a las misas para el beneficio de nuestros parroquianos; por esta razón y otras se aran los siguientes cambios a las semanas entre semana y el fin de semana.


 (starting September 6th/ comenzando el 6 de septiembre):

Daily Mass/ misas del dia

Monday/lunes 8:00am Spanish/ español

Tuesday and Wednesday/martes y miércoles 6:30pm Spanish/ español

Thursday/jueves 7:00pm Spanish/ español


Weekend Mass/ Misa Dominical

(starting September 26/ a partir del 26 de septiembre)


 7:00pm Spanish/ español


8:00am Korean Mass              9:30am English Mass


            11:30am Spanish Mass


Installation Mass

We are all invited to take part of the Installation Mass of Fr. Jesus to our parish of San Clemente Mission in which Bishop Brennan will be present.

September 26, 2021


During Mass 11:30am

Misa de Instalación

Estamos todos invitados a la misa de la Instalación de Padre Jesus a nuestra Parroquia de San Clemente Mission donde nos acompañara el Obispó Brennan.

Septiembre 26, 2021


Misa de 11:30am




With Blessed Sacrement exposed at the main church

Con el Santisimo expuesto en la Iglesia

Thursday 5pm-7pm

Jueves de 5pm a 7pm


Eucharistic Adoration / Adoración al Santísimo

Thursdays / jueves 5:00pm-7:00pm


First Friday of the Month (Spanish only) / Primer viernes del mes 7:00pm 

Mass offered for the of Sacred Heart / misa ofrecida por el Sagrado Corazón


Altar Renovations/
Renovación del Altar

What will be renovated? / ¿Que será renovado?



Columns/ Columnas

Baptismal Font/Pila Bautismal

Stations of the Cross/Estaciones de la Cruz

Repolish our beautiful tabernacle/Pulir nuestro hermoso Sagrario


Your help is appreciated, any donation as small or as big as you can. Remember this is OUR parish and together we can make it worthy of our Lord.

Su ayuda es apreciada, cualquier donación que pueda dar pequeña o grande es agradecida. Recuerden que es NUESTRA Iglesia juntos la podemos hacer digna para nuestro Señor.

Fundraising / Recaudación de fondos

For those who can give a special donation for the Altar Renovation Project we are going to start a Remembrance Wall. This wall will have the name of your deceased loved one, and the Priest will celebrate a Monthly Mass to our Faithful Departed in honor of the names on the wall. If you would like a plaque with the name of your deceased loved one you can call the parish office or

talk to our priest.

1 name on plaque is $250

2 name on plaque is $300

4 name on plaque is $500

1 nombre por placa es $250

2 nombre por placa es $300


4 nombre por placa es $500


Para las personas que puedan dar una donación especial para el Proyecto de la Renovación del Altar, se hará una pared en memorial de nuestros fieles difuntos; en esta pared aparecerá una placa con el nombre de sus seres queridos y se les ofrecerá una misa cada mes. Si le gustaría tener una placa puede hablar a la oficina o hablar con uno de los sacerdotes.

From the Office of the Bishop

August 2, 2021
Effective immediately, it is recommended that masks now be worn during Sunday Masses, weekday Masses and any other services/ events within our churches by everyone in attendance regardless of their vaccination status. This is in sensitivity to and for the benefit of the health and safety of ourselves and those around us. 
Following various health department guidelines and those of every Catholic School District in the State of California, all our students and teachers will be mandated to wear masks indoors, again, regardless of vaccination status. Guidelines for our Faith Formation programs will essentially follow what we are doing in our Catholic Schools and will be posted soon. 
We all knew that re-opening and getting somewhere near 'normal' would take time and would be like taking two steps forward and one step back.
Rejoice in the 'forward' steps and be patient with the 'backward' steps. God bless you all! 
In Christ, 
Bishop Brennan 

Our Church Mission is 

All United One

In The Love Of God


La Nuestra Mission de Iglesia es

Todos Unidos Uno

En Amor de Dios




Rev. Fr. Jesus Reynaga


Parish Vicars

Rev. Jude Emeka Okonkwo

Rev. Walter Martínez


  1305 WATER ST.


(661) 871-9190